While a missing child may seem like a rare occurrence, every year thousands of missing Ontario children are reported to the police. This year, the OPP has reported that 333 kids are currently still missing across the province. Now, police are calling on the help of the public to help bring them home. 

In a tweet that was released by the OPP on Monday, they reported that 3,022 children have disappeared in Ontario this year alone. 

However, while many of them were found and returned safely to their families, 333 of them are still reported as missing across the province. 

According to the Missing Kids website, usually, when someone is reported missing, they are found in a short period of time and returned home. 

However, there are cases that remain open when the child is never found. These cases are called "long-term missing child cases" and are left open until the child is located. 

These cases include children varying in age who have been missing for various amounts of time. 

Some of these open cases are more recent while others date back to as far as 1944. 

Police are now asking residents with information on the cases to reach out to Missing Kids.

The call for help comes as Missing Children Month is about to come to an end. 

“Every May, MissingKids.ca participates in Missing Children’s Month — a time dedicated to raising awareness about missing and abducted children and to continuing efforts to reunite missing children with their families,” reads a statement from the organization.

More recently, the OPP began utilizing a system to help with child abductions. 

The Amber Alert system has been sending notifications to phones and has helped reunite children with their families. 

Back in March, police issued an Amber Alert for Shammah Jolayemi, a 14-year-old boy, who screamed for help as he was forced into a black Jeep near the intersection of Jane Street and Driftwood Avenue.

Thankfully, Jolayemi was later discovered unharmed in an abandoned barn in Brampton a day after he was kidnapped.

The OPP is asking residents to call 1-800-668-6868 if they have any information on any missing children cases.

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