A Peel Paramedic Union has called out a Mississauga hospital for apparently screening its patients in a parking garage.

Trillium Health Partners Hospital is being accused of creating a less than ideal environment for both patients and paramedics.

The OPSEU L. 277 Peel Paramedic Union took to Twitter to call out the hospital for treating patients in a "cold, damp garage."

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When reached over the phone, Trillium Health Partners' senior media advisor Keeley Rogers explained to Narcity that the decision to treat patients in the parking garage was because the hospital "needed more space to assess patients while remaining properly distanced."

But not everyone thinks this decision is acceptable. The Peel Paramedics union claimed that they were made to unload patients in the snow, as they were unable to access the parking garage.

"The worst part of this [...] is that without the garage, we now have to enter via the main entrance. That means the entire waiting room watches us bring your sick or dying loved one into the ER," the union wrote on Twitter.

Trillium maintains that the decision is part of their pandemic response plan.

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