Recently, two Peel Regional Police arrests resulted in two suspects dying after having police use tasers on them. One Mississauga man was tasered in September, while the latest case took place in November.

The most recent police death involving a conducted electrical weapon occurred on November 20. Peel Regional Police arrived at Runningbrook Drive around 3:30 a.m. They were responding to reports of a disturbance.

A man was located in the backyard of a residence, and after being confronted by police, an altercation took place. A Taser was used to subdue the man, whose name and age have not been released.

The man was taken to hospital but showed no vital signs before arriving. He was pronounced dead an hour later.

The case is remarkably similar to that of 34-year-old Matt DiGiovanni, who was Tasered after Peel Regional Police were alerted to a disturbance at his mother's house.

A neighbour told CTV News that Digiovanni appeared to be conscious after being Tasered, and was "complaining of pain and stuff."

DiGiovanni was also taken to hospital after being Tasered, but he was also pronounced dead sometime overnight after arriving.

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is looking into both cases. As of November 20, the organization has not come to a decision on the death of Matt DiGiovanni.

The SIU has also stated that they will begin an investigation into the most recent Taser death. The SIU is required to investigate any case where police are involved in "incidents resulting in death, serious injury, or allegations of sexual assault."

Toronto Police have also been called out by the public for decisions they have made, such as punching a 14-year-old boy. There have also been multiple accusations of sexual harassment within the department.

The Peel Regional Police are still looking for information about the murder of Jason Ramkishun

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