This is a parent's worst nightmare β€” to lose a child, to have it happen in a matter of seconds, and to witness it all unfold. The mother of the teenage victim of the Mississauga shooting held her son as he passed away in her arms after receiving a fatal shot to the head. The innocent victim, 17-year-old Jonathan Davis, was killed by shots fired after he ran back inside to get his shoes.

Davis, along with five other people, fell victim to the shots. The other people struck, a 13-year-old girl, a 16-year-old boy, and two other 17-year-old boys, remain in the hospital.

A family friend has now revealed that Jonathan's mother tried to apply pressure to the wound after her son was shot after he headed back inside to retrieve a pair of shoes.

"She was just beside herself. No parent should ever go through that. It's a day that I will never forget," said Selma Alincy to CTV News Toronto.

"She was trying to help her son and she couldn't."

Alincy added: "(Jonathan) had his slippers on and noticed, so went back to change his shoes and he did not make it back."

Davis was already dead before Alincy arrived at the scene. According to CTV News, Peel Police believe the suspects in question were targeting a group of teens who were filming a rap video in the area. Alincy added that Davis was not involved with that group recording the video.

According to a CBC article, Alincy shared what she saw and heard on Saturday evening, which started with a panicked phone call from Davis' mother. 

"She was just hysterical on the phone," said Alincy. "She kept on saying his name."

Davis' father, who is going blind, was present since he was going to leave with him for the weekend. According to CBC, he asked Alincy if his son was dead. 

Alincy quickly set up a GoFundMe to help the Davis family during this hard time. So far, more than $6,400 has been raised for the cost of his burial and for his family.

"At this time, a financial contribution would be accepted and appreciated by the family, should you choose to assist," added Alincy to CTV News.

There has also been additional support put in place at Jonathan's high school for students and staff following his death.

The Peel Police news release states the investigation has revealed that there were in excess of 7 suspects and over 100 rounds fired during the incident. 

The GTA has been plagued with shootings and murders for a long time now. Cases like this, though, are almost unbearably sad.

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