As you may have heard, Jordan Hunt, a known protester was involved in an altercation during a pro-life protest in Toronto, Ontario. 

Hunt, 26, was caught on film attacking a pro-life protester and now the video has gone viral. On Saturday afternoon, Hunt turned himself in to police and he's since been charged and arrested by Toronto police.

According to reports, Hunt approached a group of pro-life protesters on Sunday, September 30th around 2:30 PM. What happened next was caught on film and shared hundreds of times online. The incident occurred near Keele Street and Bloor Street West. 

Not seen on the video, after Hunt approached the group, he began to scribble on the protester's signs with a marker. He even went as far as to scribble all over their clothing too. He was confronted and that's when the victim began filming Hunt's interaction with the group.

They got into a verbal argument which led to Hunt round-house kicking the protester in the shoulder, knocking her phone from her hand. In addition, after the video stopped, the protester claimed that Hunt ripped off a ribbon from her clothing that she was wearing before fleeing the scene. 

Hunt was charged with eight counts of assault and seven counts of mischief under $5000. They've also charged him following in connection to a second investigation from August.

Hunt will appear in court on Saturday. 

Source: Global News



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