Toronto and Vancouver have been in competition for ages on which city is the bigger hub for the movie and television industry. From "Suits" being filmed in Toronto to "Riverdale" being filmed over in Vancity, it's clear Canada as a whole has become a new hotspot that production companies can't get enough of. 

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Though it looks like a new competitor has come out of left field, and they aren't coming in quietly. It turns out that none other than Markham is getting ready to dabble in the movie biz thanks to a whopping $100M dollar investment into a movie studio for the area. 

The studio is set to take over space at McDowell Gate and 14th Avenue and will be called First Studio City. Those $100 million dollars will be put to good use as the space is slated to be over 400,000 square feet and will serve as "the largest purpose-built single super soundstage in North America." Clearly, this is going to be a very big deal. 

It's clear that the city of Markham is especially excited about the news. Their mayor mentioned the new studio will create hundreds of jobs as well as bring Hollywood to a new side of the North! While Torontonians may not be happy about films being lured out of the city, it's pretty obvious that 400,000 square feet of studio space in the downtown core would be impossible. 

While the date hasn't been set on when the studio will officially be open, it's safe to say that Ontario is starting to make some major moves in cementing themselves as the place for movies and films to be made. Move over LA! 

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