With all the limitations that Canadian Netflix users must contend with, (cough, Parks and Rec), many of us wish that Netflix could hit a little closer to home. Today, we found out that this may be a strong possibility. When questioned by The Canadian Press, John Tory confirmed that Netflix creating a production hub in Toronto is a strong possibility.

Last March, John Tory had met with representatives from Netflix as part of his annual Los Angeles trip where his main goal is to create relationships with film and TV studios to film in Toronto. Since then, it seems that Netflix has taken an interest in the Toronto production scene.

In an interview at Toronto’s Film Critics Association Awards gala, John Tory confirmed the high possibility of this Netflix production hub, “I have a very high level of confidence, without betraying confidences that aren’t yet concrete, that they’re going to. They’ve been in active discussion with our industry, with me, about wanting to create one of their hubs here."

Netflix has already shot a number of TV productions and films in parts of Canada already, hinting at their love for production up North. Schitt’s Creek, a popular Netflix series, was actually filmed in Orangeville, Ontario.

Another hint towards the creation of this Toronto production hub comes from the 2017 pledge that Netflix made to spend $500 million over five years to fund Canadian productions, and Toronto would be a perfect step in fulfilling this pledge.

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A Netflix production hub in Toronto would be a huge hit for the city. Not only would it open up more talent gigs for those who are looking to get into the acting business, but would also create a large streaming service throughout Ontario.

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When John Tory was asked how long it would take before the new hub is launched or announced, his response was, “No. If I knew I wouldn’t tell you,”.

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So keep your eyes peeled Torontonians, because your new favourite Netflix show may just be filmed around the block from you in the future.

Source: CP24 

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