They’re at it again. Canada’s popular No Name Brand is now live-tweeting NHL games and it’s pucking hilarious. So strap in, because it looks like they might stick around for the season. 

Welcome to the play-by-play we never knew we needed. 

Whether you’re a hockey fan or not, No Name’s NHL commentary will have you in stitches during the playoffs this year.

The dry-humour kings were at it again when the tweets began on Saturday, August 1 during the Stanley Cup qualifiers. No Name announced: “I will now live-tweet the game.”

And so it did. The tweets that followed were, not surprisingly, very on-brand. 

“Ten people are chasing a circular object” and “they missed the net” were among the slew of one-liners.

The over-simplified comedy commentary continued when the Toronto Maple Leafs faced off in game one against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Sunday, August 2.

And even though the low-scoring game didn’t have a lot of action, No Name managed to keep its audience updated with tweets like “there are no cardboard fans” and “there is a disagreement.”

Fans got in on the action too, though many seemed quite confused by the vague messages.

While some were living for the no-nonsense hockey talk, others were questioning what was happening and wondering if No Name Brand was OK. 

Others, though, recognized it as just the latest example of the brand's weird sense of humour.

“Leave it to No-Name to make hockey ominous,” one fan tweeted.

It's clear that Canada's love for this brand runs much deeper than Twitter replies. 

In fact, No Name’s humour has already inspired a sold-out merch line and has even influenced home makeovers in Ontario.

There's also a mini BBQ available for your social circle, and a line of on-brand isolation products for our new at-home lives.

We know that NHL players have been living it up inside their Canadian bubbles lately. 

And even though we can’t attend the games in real life right now, we can at least watch alongside No Name for a good laugh.

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