You don't have to be an expert to know that southern Ontario is usually the warmer part of the province. However, residents up north will be the ones feeling the heat this week. A weather anomaly is expected to make northern Ontario weather the hottest in Canada on Tuesday. 

It looks like summer for northern Ontario residents is finally here thanks to a weather anomaly.  

According to The Weather Network, several northern communities doubled their seasonal temperatures this week, with daily highs reaching a scorching 34.1 C.

Compared to the seasonal temperatures that usually float around 17-18 C this time of year, the scorching temperatures were anything but ordinary. 

The humid weather was caused by an upside-down pattern which is expected to continue into the rest of the week. 

Due to this weather pattern, Moosonee, an Ontario town so north that it has no road access, is set to be the hottest place in all of Canada today.

The unusual heatwave is expected to dissipate slowly over the next few days, giving northerners plenty of time to enjoy their long-awaited time in the sun. For once, winter is nowhere to be found.

"During the next couple of days, the extreme heat will remain in parts of northeastern Ontario as the upside-down pattern continues, thanks to an omega block (a blocking pattern in the atmosphere that resembles the Greek letter) in place across the continent," a statement from the TWN reads.

The anomaly is expected to shift by Thursday, which will help heat up southern Ontario by the end of the week.

Areas in the south can expect to see temperatures hitting the low 30s as we head into the weekend. 

However, Ontario isn't the only northern area that is expected to luck out in terms of weather on Canada Day. 

Yellowknife will be a warm and sunny 22 C on July 1.

Meanwhile, typically warm spots such as Vancouver are going to be a rainy 17 C.

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