Ladies and gentlemen of Toronto, there's a new criminal on the loose, and there's a good chance she's A LOT older than you. Like, she could easily be your grandma. This tiny elderly lady is currently wanted by the Toronto Police for stealing a Louis Vuitton bag from the Art Gallery of Ontario.

The elderly woman was seen on AGO surveillance footage taking the purse from an 18-year-old girl who was sitting in the lobby. When the girl wasn't paying attention the woman reached over and slid the purse next to her own chair. She looked over again, saw that the girl was still distracted, and walked right out of there, purse in hand. The purse and its contents are valued at $5,000 so it was a pretty big score for her.

The police described her as "an Asian woman, approximately 75 years old and standing about five-foot-two. She has a thin, frail build with greyish, white, shoulder-length hair. She walks slowly with a limp and was last seen wearing a dark jacket, pink flowery blouse and carrying a blue shopping bag." Doesn't exactly sound like the next great criminal now does it?

To be fair, I've always been of the mindset that once you become a little old lady you can pretty much get away with anything, and you should absolutely exploit that to the fullest. This one, however, may have just gone a little too far.


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