Photo cred - nadiaalbano

Over the weekend a Brampton shopper got a lot more than they bargain shopped for.

According to CBC, Brampton resident Gerry O'Brien was at his local Value Village and bought a new winter coat to save him from the stabbing cold we experienced over the weekend only to later find a stash. No word on how much the jacket cost him but it came with $250 of cocaine.

The man discovered the white powder in two small packets in the pocket of the coat while returning to his car and has expressed concern for what would have happened if his younger daughter or anyone another young person may have found the drugs.

Police are said to be investigating the incident but let's be real what are the chances that they will find the previous owner of the jacket and that anything can be done about a situation like this?

FYI- last week a bag of marijuana was found inside a children's toy purchased at a Brampton Target. So that's where Brampton is at.

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