One Canadian park is fed up with some visitors leaving behind an unlikely decoration hanging from their park's trees: Doo-doo. 

Ontario Parks took to their website to remind the public that their parks and trees should be celebrated for their stunning views and not adorned with what they call 'doo-doo ornaments.' 

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By leaving these items hanging in a tree, it says to other users that your laziness or lack of care is more important than protecting this place for the enjoyment of Ontarians.

Ontario Parks

In a blog post, they describe first seeing a bright coloured object on a tree after a visit to the nature park.

At first, the blogger thought someone was decorating the tree for its 'awesomeness' even though that itself proves weird as the tree is alive.

And boy were they wrong, because as they took out their binoculars it all started to become clear.

What was, for a second, thought to be bright decorations hanging from the tree was actually several bags of dog poop.

"A plastic bag left in the environment does not decompose; it just breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, which — as we all know by now — is not good for the environment or us," the post read.

And if that is not incentive enough, they want to remind the public that failing to throw out domestic animal waste is an offence that can come with a big fine.

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