A historic missing person case has now been reopened by Toronto police in an effort to finally bring closure to the victim’s family and solve a decade's old mystery. Investigators are looking into the body of a young man who was pulled from Lake Ontario on January 17th of 1988. According to Canada’s website for missing persons, the man had been spotted walking across a frozen Lake Ontario; his body was later found near Queen Quay.

An official statement released today by the Missing Person Unit of the Toronto Police department featured a sketch artist’s detailed recreation of the missing man’s face. The newly relaunched effort to identify the man is a mysterious one. Police have yet to give an exact reason why they have decided to reopen the case.

Investigators have discovered that the man was Caucasian and was in his mid-twenties at the time of his death. The man had black hair, brown eyes and a pierced left ear with a stud earring in it. Other notable features included a scar on his left knee and dark eyebrows.

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Another fascinating detail to emerge from the case was the now decades old clothes that the man was wearing at the time of the incident: a blue zippered jack from “Westport,” a white “Rush” t-shirt, black combat boots and a Bulova “Set-O-Matic’ wristwatch. Below is the artist sketch of the missing man, released by the Toronto Police Service.

Via TPSNews.ca

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Although it is uncertain why police have chosen to reopen the investigation hopefully the advances in technology will help them finally put to rest this famous cold case. Anyone with any information about the missing man should call police at 416-808-7411.

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