Now that it's summertime, cyclists are hitting the roads peddling but we know that can be tricky in Toronto. Toronto's Bike Share is a pretty big hit due to the accessibility of bikes. Since they're spread out all over the city, it makes it easy to get from point A to point B. 

While Bike Share is popular it is obviously not flawless. One person has taken to Reddit to share a story about a "stolen bike" and the potential fine of $1,200. 

[WARNING] Toronto Bike Share is charging me $1,200 for a bike that I swear I docked... from r/toronto

The poster shared that after biking from College Street to Major Street station they docked the bike, something that they're very confident of doing. It says in the post that the green confirmation light was seen. Even further, the user has experience using both the Bike Share in Toronto and Bixi in Montreal, which is basically the same thing. 

Of course, mistakes can happen and surely Toronto Bike Share just wants their bike back. That doesn't mean that the poster doesn't feel scammed. It's quite rare that someone has $1,200 to spare living in the city, that's basically a month of rent. 

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Technically through Section 9.3 in Bike Share's user agreement, this is a totally justified action. So long as they first try to get in contact by phone and email after user's keep a bike beyond the permitted time of use, they're entitled to charge you $1,2000 and submit a report to the police. 

Fellow Redditors were quick to help, full of similar experiences and useful tips that they now use to prevent this from happening. One poster even said that it's due to faulty mechanisms within the docking system itself. 

Other Redditors were quick to question why a bike share was even becoming the target of a possible theft and why the bikes cost so much. 

If you're using Bike Share in Toronto be wary of this possibility! The last thing we need to be doing is spending another thousand dollars a month. 


Source: Reddit

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