The Ontario Government opened the Legislature again, meaning it's back to work for the MPPs at Queen's Park.

The highlight of the ceremony was the throne speech, read by the Lieutenant Governor which is where the party in power basically outlines their plan for the upcoming term. 

Doug Ford's party did just that today promising lower gas prices, tax cuts, and canceling the cap and trade program. But people are not happy about one particular promise. 

In the Throne Speech, the Conservatives said they are going to scrap the recently introduced sex-ed curriculum and go back to the previous one, which was introduced in 1998. 

The sex-ed curriculum the Liberals put in place focused on consent, taught about different gender identities, and provided more important information earlier in student's lives. The 1998 one does none of that. 

This is a super controversial move and now that it's been officially announced as one of the main priorities people have something to say about it. Ontarians took to Twitter to share their feelings. 

One group, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) is taking it one step further by threatening to take legal action against Doug Ford's government since they claim the move discriminates against people of different sexual orientations. 

The CCLA is a non-profit advocacy organization that defends the constitutional rights of people all across Canada. 

Other complaints about the throne speech include that it wasn't bilingual as no French was spoken and that there was no mention of reconciliation with Indigenous communities. 

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