One of the major highways in Ontario is the 407, a privately owned road that is meant to make your drive faster and more efficient. It accomplishes this by making people pay to drive on it. Now, however, people want that drive to be even faster. Online, Ontarians are calling for a major increase to the speed limit on Highway 407

On a recent Reddit thread, one user suggested that the speed limit on the 407 should be upped to 120 Km/hour. Currently, the limit is 100 Km/hour, like on every other highway in Ontario. Ontarians, however, think that this should even higher. In response to the Reddit thread, some have suggested that 120 isn't enough and they want to see speed limits of 140 or even 200 Km/hour. The main argument behind this is that if you're paying to drive there you should be allowed to go as fast as you want. 

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There is even a whole online campaign dedicated to this speed limit raise. Stop100 dates back a few years, but their online petition calling to raise the 407 speed limit to 120 or 130 is still active and has garnered over 43,000 signatures so far. 

If the 407 speed limit went up to 130 Km/hour it would officially be the fastest speed limit on any Canadian road.

Currently, in BC, they hold the title of highest speed limits after raising the limits of some roads to 120 Km/hour. Other provinces like New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Saskatchewan have limits of 110 Km/hour. 

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Despite being privately owned, the 407 is covered by the Highway Traffic Act in Ontario. Ontario Provincial Police also patrol the highway 24/7 enforcing the current speed limits and responding to any other driving issues. 

On top of that, the 407 also have their own ETR's Highway Safety Patrol who help enforce driving laws on the private highway. 

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One of the world's most famous highways for their unrestricted speeds is the Autobahn in Germany. On that federally-run road, there are some stretches with no official posted speed limit, but even then they advise that you only go 130 Km/hour which is the same limit proposed for the 407. 

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