Doug Ford has faced his fair share of criticism this year. Protests against his policies have become something of a new norm in Ontario, as students and parents alike continue to come together to attack the Premier’s agenda. Despite the haters, Ford has remained resilient, barely acknowledging the seemingly constant stream of complaints against his government.

Small, subtle digs at Ford’s government have been popping up all over Toronto recently. The jabs at Ford seem to always be hiding in plain sight. Whether it be an anti-Ford poster or a tiny act of vandalism, objectors are speaking their mind. Take a look:

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However, these small, guerilla warfare-style protests pale in comparison to their larger organized counterparts which have been nipping at the heels of Ford’s government for the past few months.

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Hundreds of parents and advocates gathered in Queen’s Park last week to protest Ford’s recent changes to the Ontario autism program. Families accused Ford of hanging them out to dry after his government cleared a waiting list of 23,000 children in favour of a reduced program.

Protestors hoisted up spiteful signs during the rally, lambasting Ford’s leadership and his alleged abandonment of autistic children:

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Whether you are pro or anti-Ford, it would be hard to deny that the decisions Ontario's Premier is making are controversial. Whether right or wrong, they have a struck nerve with the people of Ontario and they are speaking their minds.

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