These days its really easy to leave your wallet behind. Things like Apple Pay and online banking have made wallets pretty much useless, except for one thing.

Government ID cards are used all the time, whether you are trying to order a drink or have to provide proof of age to get into a movie or bar, which means you almost always have to have your ID on you. 

But one company has developed a product that will let Ontarians leave their plastic cards behind. 

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There's a new app in development called eID-me bu Bluink Ltd. that will act as your official Ontario ID card. The app stores the identity information from your driver's license, health card, and Ontario photo ID card so it's easily and conveniently located on your phone. 

Not only does it make carrying your ideas way easier (who doesn't have their phone on them at all times) but it also makes it more secure. It is password protected and also gives you a choice of what information you reveal, so you don't have to give away your address to ever bouncer you come across.  

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The app was developed as part of a challenge from the Ontario government. The Small Business Innovation Challenge asked smaller technology-based businesses to find creative solutions to some problems in the province. 

The program was announced by the Ontario government in 2016 in partnership with the Ontario Center of Excellence. Businesses were able to apply to the challenge with their innovative proposals to address public sector challenges. 

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According to the company's website, testing of the eID-me system will begin this fall. If the tests are successful and the government chooses to go forward with this product Ontarians may soon be able to forget their wallets altogether. 

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