It may be a tedious commute for Toronto drivers heading east this morning. According to the OPP, a number of road closures are causing significant delays on the Ontario 401 eastbound on Tuesday, January 21, 2020. These shutdowns are expected to last most of the day in some areas. 

Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the OPP reported that a deadly collision had occurred on Highway 401 eastbound near Mill St. in Newcastle, Ontario.

Both eastbound and westbound lanes were initially closed as a result, leading to delays for many drivers' morning commutes. 

However, the westbound lanes have since been reopened.

Schmidt reported that the eastbound lanes would be closed “all morning” and warned drivers travelling in that direction to get off earlier, if possible, to avoid facing congestion.

“We have three vehicles involved, two transport trucks and another commercial truck,” he reported via Twitter.

CP24 reported that those drivers who were still trapped in traffic near the sudden closures were being escorted out by police.

“People that are trapped within that closure right now are being assisted to turn around by police,” Schmidt said while warning drivers to avoid turning on their own.

He also stated that “quite a distance” of motorists had become stuck due to the incident and that it could take a while to get them all off the highway. 

Schmidt confirmed that the accident had resulted in at least one fatality.

He also stated that first responders and road workers were on the scene working to clear the blockage. 


However, drivers should expect “major delays” and be prepared for eastbound closures to last through the day.

If you are planning on heading in that direction, make sure to find an alternative route before hitting the road. 

However, this isn't the only trouble Schmidt has seen the past week. The OPP reported that 250 accidents had taken place in the GTA on Saturday, January 18, 2020.

Schmidt stated that so many incidents occurred due to snow last weekend, that they were forced to respond to 40 accidents at a time.

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