One child sent the most adorable apology to the police after making an unnecessary Ontario 911 call.  

South Simcoe Police shared the details of the wholesome incident via Twitter on Thursday after they received the card. 

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According to police, the girl from Bradford called the emergency number when she got into an argument with her mom. 

The 911 operator on the other end of the line reportedly informed her of the proper use of the number and how she should only use it for emergencies. 

According to the tweet, the little girl was "very apologetic," and was quick to make a card. 

On the very front of the card, it reads "I am so sorry." In case that wasn't enough, she also adds in brackets "1,000 times sorry."

"I am sorry for calling 911 when I didn't need help. I will not do it ever again. I hope you will forgive me," writes the card. "I feel bad." 

A photo of a policeman and his dog are also drawn onto the apology letter. 

By the looks of things, it seems that this little girl has learned her lesson! 

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