Nearly a month after the Ontario college strike came to a forcible end, Ontario colleges are now seriously feeling the aftermath of the strike as students who officially withdrew from the semester are getting their money back

The provincial government gave college students until December 5th to decide if they would be withdrawing from the semester or not. And now that the results are in, the Ontario government has announced how many students have opted to drop out and receive a refund for their lost time. 

Before the final numbers were counted, Advanced Education Minister Deb Matthews told news reports that the preliminary data suggested most students chose to stay in their programs and complete the extended semester as planned. 

And the number of students who actually chose to drop  out proves the preliminary estimations were correct. A total of 1,206 students opted to drop out of the semester before the Dec. 5th deadline to get a full refund on tuition from 5 colleges in Northeastern Ontario, which will collectively cost those 5 colleges over $3 million to recover lost tuitions. 

But the Ontario college strike included a total of 26 colleges which means the combined cost for all colleges in the province will be much higher once the final numbers are determined later this afternoon. 

Source: CBC, CP24

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