Rising gas prices in Ontario is an issue that affects almost everyone and has been an topic of debate and discussion in recent months as gas prices have spiked rather abruptly.

Thankfully, Ontario might be getting a new law that will put a cap on the rising rates before they get out of control.

A New Democrat (NDP) party member is proposing a private member's bill which seeks to regulate gas prices in Ontario.

The bill, which will be introduced next week, is proposed by NDP member Gilles Bisson. In this bill, Bisson proposes that the Ontario Energy Board should be free to control both the retail price and wholesale mark-up of petroleum products in Ontario.

According to Bisson, "The bill would give the energy board the ability to, on a weekly basis, to regulate the price of gas across Ontario so that the market is more stable, that the pricing system is more transparent, and that people are not getting gouged at the pumps."

But, the provincial Liberal government, headed by Premier Kathleen Wynne, doesn't seem so impressed with this new proposition. And as the Liberals hold a majority government, it would be difficult for this bill to pass unless it received equal support from the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

Source: Global News

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