Yesterday, it was announced that Ford's Ontario government would be eliminating tourism funding in the two biggest cities in Ontario, Toronto, and Ottawa. This announcement confirmed that $13 million of tourism funding would be cut from the province. Since this announcement, Torontonians are now convinced that Ford hates them and the city of Toronto. 

According to City News, Tourism Toronto was informed by the government that their $9.5 million in provincial funding is going to be cut entirely. This provincial funding amounts for about a quarter of the entire tourism budget for the city of Toronto. 

The Vice President of Tourism Toronto, Andrew Weir, told City News that this budget cut will limit the number of events and markets the city of Toronto will be able to promote to help and draw tourists into the city. 

Last year, Toronto generated about $9 billion in direct spending from the tourism industry and over 44 million people visited the city last year. Yet, despite these high numbers and profits, Ford's government still found it necessary to make the cuts. 

NDP tourism critic Paul Miller told City News that it is important for the provincial government to invest in tourism as "investing in tourism doesn't cost money, it makes money." 

However, with the decision already being made, many Ontarians are wondering if Ontario is as 'open for business' as Ford makes it appear as it is. Since the announcement, Twitter has blown up with users who are upset about this funding cut.

While some users are wondering how cutting tourism fits into the 'Ontario is open for business' plan that Ford has been preaching since his campaign, others are just convinced that Ford hates Toronto. 

Multiple tweets have surfaced from Torontonians who are convinced that Ford hates them and their city. 

This funding cut stems from a variety of other cuts that Ford has already made to other provincial costs such as education, public health, and flood management. 

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