Over the last few weeks, highways across Ontario have been empty as residents work from home. However, it seems that some Ontario drivers are taking advantage of the absence of traffic by speeding. In fact, the OPP announced that they have seen multiple cases where cars are going over 200 km/h, which is faster than a high-speed train. 

The OPP reported on Monday night that a Toronto driver had been caught going 213 km/h on Highway 401. This resulted in a license suspension for seven days, and the vehicle being impounded.

"213km/hr on #Hwy401 in Cambridge 198km/hr #Hwy404 50 others drivers charges this past week. #SlowDown," wrote the OPP in a tweet. 

Just to put in perspective how fast the driver was actually going, high-speed trains operate at around 200 km/h, which is double the 401's official speed limit.

However, this seems to be an ongoing occurrence. According to the OPP, over 270 street racing and dangerous driving charges have been issued this month in the GTA, with 50 of those charges being from this past week. 

Stunt drivers, who are taking advantage of the emptier roads by using them as their own personal racetrack, have become a growing problem for Ontario's Highway Division.

Back in January, a 19-year-old from Oakville was caught speeding on the highway.

The teenager was going 218 km/h, which was so fast that the vehicle almost reached the speed of a plane during take-off. 

However, it's not just speeding that the OPP has had to deal with over the past few weeks. 

On Tuesday morning, the OPP also announced that they had to pull over a driver who had their friend sitting on the hood of the car.

“Trying to make a viral video about Social Distance by putting a friend on your hood while driving will only end up with Stunt Driving charge. Essential travel only please! 20-year-old driver from Whitby will be walking now,” the OPP tweeted on Tuesday morning.

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