As the holiday season approaches, Ontario police teams are launching initiatives to combat impaired driving. Festive RIDE checkpoints are an annual occurrence across the province - those who pass through are required to stop and briefly check in with officers at the roadside to prove their sobriety behind the wheel.

But, lately, Ontario drivers haven't been making it easy for police to do their job. Instead of doing what they're supposed to, several drivers have decided to slam on the gas and blow through the checkpoints, fleeing the scene altogether.

Early on Thursday morning, Oshawa police had to go after a suspected drunk driver in a high-speed chase after the driver refused to stop at the checkpoint. The chase ensued on Highway 407 after the driver was spotted swerving and refused to stop for a sobriety test. Police weren't successful in their pursuit but were later able to find the driver and arrest him on impaired driving charges. 

This morning, Durham local news has reported that even more drivers have fled from RIDE checkpoints since. This time, police had to chase after two separate drivers, one in Port Perry and one in Beaverton.

Both pursuits were unsuccessful and the drivers managed to get away. Police are still searching for them today.

Source: Durham Radio News


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