The news of an ice storm hitting Southern Ontario has been looming all week long. Environment Canada predicted that Southern Ontario would get some freezing rain yesterday morning but that the real action was set for this weekend.

According to them the weather will start off as rain but as the temperature drops throughout both Saturday and Sunday, that rain will turn into freezing rain with the very real possibility that it all freezes, causing an ice storm.

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This already on its own is some seriously depressing news, since it's supposedly Spring. While we all expected April showers, no one wants or needs the icy conditions this weekend promises.

Sadly, the news that the storm is getting worse is a real thing for those in areas north of the GTA over the weekend. It is predicted that this ice storm is actually going to cause some havoc. Widespread flooding, power outages and dangerous road conditions are in the future for Southern and Eastern Ontario due to both the freezing rain and strong winds.

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According to Global News' chief meteorologist Anthony Farnell, “This weekend, I am very concerned that this system coming in is going to have a swath of ice that should stretch through the GTA and heavy snow up in cottage country. We’re talking 30 to maybe 50 centimetres.”

Winds of up to 60 kilometres/ hour could cause widespread power outages due to fallen tree limbs and power lines.

However in some good news, Farnell says that this weekend's storm is likely to be the last major cold weather event this Spring and warmer temperatures are on the way come the end of April.

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So if possible, do what you can to stay home and off the roads this weekend, while we ride out the very last stretch (hopefully) of the bitter winter weather. And to keep your cars safe, park off in your garage and away from any trees.

Sources:, Environment Canada, Global News

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