While the cold weather hasn't stopped, the snow has held off long enough for Torontonians to assume that the worst is finally over. Unfortunately, if you were planning on a snow-free Easter egg hunt this weekend, you are very wrong. 

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As of now, the city is expecting a ton of rain as well as surrounding areas of Ontario. We could see as much as 20-30 mm of rain until Wednesday, unfortunately with that much rain comes the risk of dropping temperatures turning it into snowfall. 

As of now, meteorologists aren't sure of the concrete forecast for this upcoming weekend thanks to active weather patterns but as of now it's likely that snowfall could make an appearance. Especially considering the average rainfall in April for Toronto is 5 cm according to The Weather Network.

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One meteorologist at TWN noted the "chilly and active pattern during early April gives us the threat of at least one more significant snowfall..." great.

Though if you thought that was bad. Thunder Bay typically sees around 10 cm of snow during the month of April. Guess April showers will be pushed back to May this year? 

Source: The Weather Network 

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