After a seemingly endless winter that has engulfed Canada in layers of snow, Canadians in the east will be pleased to know that recent forecasts are predicting an uncharacteristically hot summer for this year.

According to Environment Canada, the west is likely to see seasonally average temperatures in the upcoming months, while the east is likely to see above normal temperatures. These predictions are part of the agency's long-term weather outlook that take into consideration the spring and summer seasons.

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The forecast is consistent with those given by multiple U.S. and European weather models.

“We show for most of Canada a warmer than normal summer," said Dave Phillips, Environment Canada's senior climatologist to CTV. “I can already see the muscle shirts, the tank tops and the beer starting to flow.”

Jay Scotland, another meteorologist (for CBC), adds that while it's a little too early to get a definite picture of how summer will turn out to be, a warm-up to summer is on its way.

"Toward the end of spring, we are going to see some warmer-than-normal temperatures heading into summer," he says.

Despite this good news, Ontarians are advised that there is still a high chance of snow for the province this week before the warm temperatures actually start to show. It may be best to still keep the winter tires on and parkas handy for the next few days.

Here are some photos of what summer looks like across Ontario:

The limestone cliffs at Lions Head, Ontario

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Backyard BBQ season in Oakville, Ontario

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Coffee runs in Kenora, Ontario

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Gorgeous sunflower field near Cargill, Ontario

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Cottage weekend at McCarols Lake

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Patio weather in Toronto, Ontario

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Sunny day at Wasaga Beach

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Have a great summer, Ontario!

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