It was only a few month ago when the story of one Canadian woman's horrific tattoo story made it's way across the globe. Catt Gallinger, a 24-year old model went to a local tattoo shop to get a sclera tattoo done - something that didn't turn out so well for her. Within 24 hours of getting the tattoo, she started to experienced severe pain, her eye swoll shut, and she was suffering from blurred vision.

Sclera tattoos (or eyeball tattoos), are body modifications that involve injecting diluted ink into white parts of the eye in order to dye them another colour. The practice of eye tattooing isn't very common and the risks are high as it can cause a loss of vision, severe permanent pain, and even losing your eye entirely.[1]

It's been months since Gallinger got her botched sclera tattoo but she's still suffering from extreme pain and discomfort. Unfortunately she isn't the only person who's had to endure severe consequences after an eyeball tattoo went bad. A 24-year-old man in Alberta had a similar experience to Gallinger however he ended up actually losing his eye. 

In light of the permanent and lasting dangers associated with eye tattoos, the Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (EPSO) proposed banning cosmetic eye modification. As it stands, the suggestion has already been added to the amended Bill 160 - Strengthening Quality and Accountability for Patients Act and is currently being deliberated. If passed, it will prohibit the sale, offering for sale, or provision of sclera body modifications - unless done by a regulated health professional.

If/ when the bill does become law, it would make Ontario the first province in Canada to ban eyeball tattooing and body modifications. However the goal is for it to become a law across the country. 

Source: Global News 

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