Durham police launched a new investigation on Friday after an Ontario man was caught secretly videotaping a group of women at Oshawa Centre last week. Police officers were notified of the voyeur by a fellow shopper who spotted the suspect following the group of young women in the mall with his camera pointed at their behinds around 2:00 PM last Thursday.

The woman who first spotted the alleged voyeur, Jasmine Gizmondi, took to Facebook to warn other unsuspecting female shoppers, as well share her detailed account of the event. Gismondi tells Narcity that she was a victim of the man's secret videotaping. He was also spotted by another woman, Stephanie Davis.

“He had his phone at chest level, very close to his body. This struck me as odd because most people walk with their phones at or about hip level in a downward angle", Davis wrote on Facebook. "I happened to look back (thank God) and I saw he was filming the ladies walking (specifically their asses- he didn’t even bother with their torso or head)”, read the post.

Davis allegedly followed the man to the parking lot and snapped a picture of his licence plate in an attempt to help identify him. A photograph of the man's face was also captured by Gismondi. Both posts can be seen below.

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Durham investigators are currently looking into the decision laid down by the Supreme court to figure out whether criminal charges can be pursued in incidents of mild voyeurism, like the one committed by the suspect.

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A similar incident at Oshawa Centre was reported back in 2018 when an individual was accused of filming women without their knowledge and sharing it online.

The person who recorded the videos had posted pictures of their rear-ends and commented on them on an undisclosed social media site. It is unknown at this time whether the suspect was the same person.

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