A growing list of Ontario McDonald's locations are now reporting positive COVID-19 cases in their employees. 

Since Christmas Day, 26 of the fast-food joints have been affected by the pandemic. 

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Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Ontario McDonalds since December 25.

According to McDonald's Canada, seven of the confirmed cases were located in the GTA, with the rest spread across the province.

Some of these spots include multiple Toronto locations, as well as restaurants in Brampton, Guelph and Hamilton. 

In fact, on January 2, five separate locations reported COVID-19 cases. 

The company states that a positive test in a restaurant results in the location being closed down immediately. 

The eatery is then sanitized and inspected by a third-party company before reopening.

"This closure is done out of an abundance of caution for the safety of employees and the community," McDonald's website states.

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