Toronto drivers will be facing some new ticketing policies come spring. The Ontario government will be installing photo radar cameras on roads to monitor speeding and Toronto will be getting 50 new ones to start. Ontario photo radar cameras will be put in as an attempt to curb the rising number of pedestrian and cyclist fatalities.

For Toronto, this step is part of the Vision Zero Road Safety plan the city is working hard on. Mayor John Tory has been pushing for these devices since the time of the Wynne government in 2016.

The speed enforcement cameras will be installed on local roads where there have been the most observed collisions and pedestrian/cyclist fatalities. 

They will also be applied to school zones and community safety zones but not on any highways as of now. 

The bill says they will only be put on roads where the speed limit is 80 km/h or less, according to Global News

According to the legislation, the equipment would capture the date and time, the rate of speed recorded, a description of the location, as well as a description of the vehicle.

They will also need a clear image of the license plate, and a description of which direction it was travelling, as well as the speed limit on the particular road. 


There will be signage in those areas where the cameras are set up. 

“I have asked transportation services to move immediately to begin the process laid out in the provincial regulations to roll out speed cameras in 50 locations across the city,” wrote Tory. 

Although speed enforcement cameras may be set up soon, nobody will be getting ticketed until the spring.

This is due to a clause in the Highway Traffic Act that requires that drivers have a 90-day grace period to get acquainted with the new regulations before they can be enforced. 

Automated speed enforcement in community and safety zones comes into effect on Sunday, December 1, according to The Toronto Star

This has already been piloted by Toronto when they put out speed enforcement cameras in September through December of 2018. 

They found that people were rampantly speeding in the zones where they placed the devices. 

One area on Avenue Road saw 60,100 motorists a week going more than 10 km/h over the 40 km/h limit, according to The Star

Toronto will also be doubling its number of red light cameras as part of the initiative. 

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