Ontario police are upping their game this year by catching distracted drivers in the most interesting ways. As we all know, the new distracted driving laws in Ontario launched on January 1 and now local police are riding transit buses near Toronto to catch drivers on their phones.

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If you thought that it would be easy to spot police conducting safety checks on the side of the road, think again. There's no way that you'll be aware that local law enforcement is watching you while you text your BFF that you're driving over to meet her for dinner. Police near the Toronto area have decided to take it up a notch by riding local transit buses and catching distracted drivers by watching them through the windows of the buses. 

If you don't believe me, you need to see this video shared by @6ixbuzztv and @memesforyourheadtop minutes ago. The video was created and originally published by The National Post. In the video, you can see a local police officer sitting on a transit bus, who's taking notes and talking into his walkie-talkie to another officer while telling him that the driver of a closeby vehicle is texting while driving.

Here's the full video.

The officer reports the incident to another police officer that's currently on the road closeby. The video is honestly shocking and kind of crazy. Police officers are always finding new innovative ways to catch Canadians breaking the law.

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Over the holidays, Narcity reported that Ontario's new distracted driving laws would come into effect starting January 1. Since then, Canadians have been on edge regarding the new laws and what counts as "distracted driving"

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On Tuesday, January 8, Narcity reported that local Ontario police will be launching a blitz on Monday, January 14 to implement the new distracted driving laws. In addition, police will be focusing on distracted drivers in the downtown area of Toronto.

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