When you haven't eaten anything all day and your stomach is growling, even the nicest human can turn into a jerk. The phenomena of getting "hangry", where your hunger causes anger, is not something new and has been proven successful in advertisements ("You're not you when you're hungry"). 

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Now an Ontario woman has taken being hangry to a new level after dialling 911 after waiting "forever" for a pizza. The Elgin, Ontario woman is 32-years of age and asked for the OPP to help her after her pizza was not delivered in time. 

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Police arrived at the woman's home to find her with her son sitting in their car, still waiting on their slices to arrive. She was ready to complain about how displeased she was with the restaurant. 

While we understand that being hungry and waiting for a pizza is a dangerous waiting game, that doesn't mean that it's acceptable to waste a 911 operators time with a false emergency. The OPP definitely felt the same way and gave her an education on the proper use of 911. 

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Leeds County OPP is stressing to people that 911 is for emergency situations only. That means do not call 911 unless you are in a life-threatening situation, immediate danger, or for crimes in the process. 

There is no confirmation if the woman eventually received the pizza but if she was desperate enough to call the police, we're sure she gave the restaurant manager an ear full. 

Source: CTV 

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