Yesterday, parts of Ontario and the GTA were slammed with snow and that means one thing, roads get super messy. In fact, it was only the first official snowfall but already people have forgotten how to drive in winter. 

Last night, the OPP and other local police teams revealed that they were responding to over 50 car crashes in the GTA alone. Despite the snow clearing a bit, there have been even more collisions across the province today. 

The OPP announced yesterday that there were over 40 collisions at one time last night, while the snow was falling. As the night went on, they announced at least one collision every hour. In total, the OPP reported that there were over 300 collisions last night. 

In other areas, local areas police reported even more accidents. In York Region, they also revealed that a large number of accidents happened while waiting for a response from police. 

Meanwhile, in Toronto, police reported that over 200 minor collisions were called in last night. While the night of non-stop crashes has ended, driving is still really messy out there. 

Even though the streets have been ploughed for drivers commuting to work, crashes are still going on. Not surprisingly, Highway 401 seems to be a hot spot for winter collisions today. 

Police Are Cracking Down Hard On Canadian Drivers

In the past hour alone there have been two different crashes on the 401, one near Morningside and another near Yonge Street. Both collisions blocked traffic in some, making the morning traffic even worse. 

Downtown Toronto only saw about 5 cm of snow last night, but it was still enough to create dangerous winter driving conditions, especially if people don't have snow tires yet. Further north of the city it was even worse as some GTA places got upwards of 10 cm of snow. 

Source: Global

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