The Ontario Provincial Police shocked the public with a disturbing revelation this Monday. A recent investigation uncovered 43 migrants living under horrendous slave-like conditions in Barrie, Wasaga Ontario. The victims, who were mostly male, had been promised work visas and permanent residency. However, after they arrived, they were left with little more than $50 a month to live on and no way out.

According to Officer Rick Barnum of the OPP, the migrants were hauled off daily to labour away at various vacation properties located in the central and eastern parts of Ontario. To make matters even worse, the workers were forced to pay for their own transportation to their new “jobs".

The human trafficking operation was nothing short of “modern-day slavery” explained Barnum, who went on to state that the “exploitation” of the victim’s desperation for a better life had been the “key” to carrying out the inhumane crime.

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Investigators handed out a whopping 12 warrants to save the entrapped workers, marking it as the first operation of its kind in the region. Once rescued by police, victims were finally given the essential human amenities they had long been promised, hot meals, showers, and fresh clothing.

In a heartwarming turn of fate, all of the victims have been offered accommodation and employment at a local resort since their rescue. “To me, this is what it means to be Canadian. Stepping up when others are in need and rectifying wrongs in our community when we’re able to do so,” said Barrie Police Chief Kimberley Greenwood.

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Ontario police are far from finished with the investigation; the next step will involve retrieving all of the profits that were earned at the expensive of their pain and suffering. Hopefully, that day will come sooner rather than later. 

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