After nearly a month on the run, Ontario Police are still actively searching for an incredibly dangerous 23-year-old fugitive who has been on the run since mid-December. 23-year-old Alijah Weir-Mohammed is wanted on 23 different charges. The worst of the charges are multiple counts of human trafficking. 

Constable Lorraine Edwards, a media relations officer confirmed via email today that the Hamilton Police Service is still actively looking for Alijah Weir-Mohammed. She also warned that the public should remain cautious, especially if they see him and to call 911 or otherwise notify police immediately about Weir-Mohammed's whereabouts. 

He is considered to be incredibly dangerous, according to the original news release from Hamilton Police, which came out in December. The release also explains that Weir- Mohammed is wanted on charges all ranging from assault, sexual assault, forcible confinement, theft, and using a stolen credit card, among others. There are also other charges related to human trafficking. 

Weir-Mohammed is also facing charges of sexual exploitation, two counts of human trafficking, two counts of advertising sexual services, procuring sexual services, and two counts of benefit from sexual services. 

Police were unable to provide an update on his whereabouts today, which is concerning because it means this dangerous fugitive could be anywhere out there, the original news release confirmed that Weir-Mohammed frequents Hamilton. 

Via Hamilton Police

Hamilton Police are also the ones heading up the investigation into Weir-Mohammed, since the incidents leading to these charges, which all happened between November and December of 2018, occurred in their region. 

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Specifically, this case is being handled by Detective Laura Skelton, who is part of Hamilton Police's human trafficking. Anyone with information relevant to the case is asked to contact her at 905-961-1895. 

If caught and convicted for these charges, Alijah Weir-Mohammed could be facing life behind bars. The criminal code in Canada considers human trafficking to be an incredibly serious crime, so here the penalties are also very serious. 

The maximum penalty for human trafficking when other charges like kidnapping or sexual assault are also involved, which is the case with Weir-Mohammed, is life imprisonment. A judge could also give consecutive sentences for the multiple other charges he is facing, meaning Weir-Mohammed could die in prison. 

Via Hamilton Police

Until then, Weir-Mohammed is still out there and is considered to be dangerous. Anyone with information about the case or his whereabouts is asked to contact Hamilton Police or 911 immediately. Weir-Mohammed has been officially wanted by police since December 20th. 

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