A dangerous car crash took place in Ontario yesterday, proving there can be some reckless drivers out there on the roads. Ontario police have now arrested a drunk driver who crashed into a tree off the road with a baby and puppy in the vehicle. The woman has now been charged with impaired driving. 

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The woman drove her car off the roadway and then crashed into a tree, with a 17-month-old baby and a shepherd puppy on board. The crash even left debris, including a stroller, scattered all across the road, according to the news release published by York Regional Police today. 

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The accident took place on Metro Road, in the Town of Georgina, on Wednesday afternoon, January 23rd. York Regional Police were called to the scene and gave the woman a breathalyzer test, which the driver completely failed. 

During the breathalyzer test, the drunk driver blew over twice the legal limit for alcohol, said the police said in their news release. The driver is a 30-year-old woman from the Town of East Gwillimbury. 

The police released footage of the crash scene and uploaded it to YouTube. Check out the video below. 

The driver, baby, and puppy were not injured from the car accident. However, according to the police, the crash could have had much more dangerous consequences. 

"It is nothing but sheer luck that serious injury or death were avoided in this collision," said Chief Eric Jolliffe in the news release. "People continue to choose to consume alcohol and drugs and get behind the wheel of a vehicle. These choices are putting all of our lives at risk". 

The York police tweeted about the drunk driving incident earlier this morning. Ontarians are seriously upset about the incident, and many have already responded to the tweet. People are in disbelief that this could happen on the roads. 

The 17-month-old baby and puppy have now been turned over to family members. The police have also reached out to the Children's Aid Society. The police said that they will not be revealing the identity of the woman to the public in order to protect the baby. 

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