Just yesterday we reported that Tim Horton's was, cutting a ton of their employee benefits as a means to combat the minimum wage increase. The cuts were steep and drastic and the news of it went viral all over the internet. 

Many were sad, angry and disappointed at the loss of paid breaks, perk like time off on employees' birthdays, and medical/ dental coverage for staff. However one Ontario politician specifically had some harsh words to say. 

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne lashed out at the Tim Horton's hiers Ron Joyce Jr. and Jeri Horton-Joyce, who penned the letter informing employees of the cutbacks at their Tim Hortons locations. 

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Wynne accused the pair of taking out their issues with the minimum wage increase out on their workers instead of using proper protocol and reaching out to her to find a solution.  She went as far as to say that the billionaire co-founders were bullying their employees with this new mandate. 

While none of what the Tim Horton's family did was illegal or in violation of the Ontario's Employment Standards Act, it did seem to irk the Premier enough that she stated that she would like them to reverse the decision. 

No one from the Tim Hortons team has responded but they did inform the public that each franchisees is allowed to handle employee matters as they see fit and in accordance with the law. 

SourceThe Globe And Mail 

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