An eerie haze has filled the skies across the province as wildfires in the states continue to rage on. Ontarians woke up to a beautiful and unique sunrise on Monday, a by-product of a tragedy happening thousands of kilometres away. Photos of Ontario smokey skies were quickly shared on social media showcasing the rare weather event.

At first glance, one might assume the smoke-filled skies were the result of a cloudy day.

However, upon further inspection, you can see the clear distinction between the clouds and the haze.

According to The Weather Network, the hazy skies made their way into the province on Monday morning. 

Despite being a sad reminder of the flames still ravaging the west, the event will not have the same disastrous effect on Ontario’s air quality as it did on B.C.

The smoke is expected to remain overhead saving residents from its hazardous effects.

The haze has also moved into parts of Alberta, but it is expected to clear out on Monday night as a front makes its way into the country.

However, Ontarians won’t have to worry about the smoke covering up their sunshine this week. 

A “ridge of high pressure” is set to help keep skies clear, but temperatures will float below seasonal, so you’re going to want to dress warmly.

Meanwhile, Ontario’s fall forecast was revealed today, predicting the season to be much warmer and milder than usual.

The pleasant weather is also expected until November, which certainly puts a hold on winter.

The unusual fall forecast comes after the province experienced all types of whacky weather this season, including an alarming amount of tornadoes.

*Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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