If you happen to see a bunch of teachers wearing black today, it isn't because it's the most slimming colour.  Teachers and their supports are wearing black across Ontario today in protest of the Ford government's recent announcement about province-wide education cuts.

Last week, Minister of Education Lisa Thompson unveiled the province's plan for an educational reform.  The proposed changes include increasing class sizes and revising the sex-ed curriculum, among numerous other modifications.

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Teachers across Ontario have voiced their concerns regarding the proposed changes, and education allies are demonstrating their support by standing in solidarity with teachers.

Friday morning, Ontario Education Minister Lisa Thompson made an announcement on behalf of the PC government revealing that the average Ontario class size in high schools will be officially increasing from 22 students per teacher to 28 students per teacher.

According to Minister Thompson, although existing caps on class sizes from Kindergarten to Grade 3 will not be affected by the change, Grades 4 to 8 will also see a new average class size of 24.5 students per teacher.

"We know not everyone will agree with every single part of our plan but Premier Ford and our PC government have a mandate to govern and a mandate to lead," Thompson reportedly said in her announcement.

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She explained in a press release that, "Our older and more mature students in high school will see the most change with class sizes increasing to 28. These changes are evidence-based and it is important to know that Ontario has an extremely low teacher to pupil ratio in its system."

Take a look at some of the Ontario teachers and educational supports taking a stand against the recent changes across the province today:

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