Ontarians are going to want to bundle up this week as we prepare to be hit by some of the coldest Ontario temperatures this season. According to The Weather Network, southern Ontario will experience some of the most frigid air that we have seen this season, with temperatures sinking into the minus double digits. So grab your scarf and mitts, because it's about to get cold. 

The cold arctic air is also set to open the doors for lake-effect snow by mid-week, so if you were hoping it was going to be chilly, but not snowy, think again because it’s going to be both.

On the bright side, this week is supposed to kick-off relatively warm, with seasonal temperatures expected to linger on Monday.

However, you'll want to enjoy the relative warmth while it lasts because it will gradually become colder throughout the week as the frigid air sweeps across the region.

The freezing conditions are expected to last through the week and will create an ideal environment for snowfall. Winter is indeed coming, folks.

The snow and the arctic air are predicted to be at their worse on Tuesday and Wednesday with intense bands of snow expected to impact Georgian Bay and Lake Huron.

The Greater Toronto Area will be plagued by whiteout conditions as a result of the storms on Wednesday with wind gusts of over 70 km/h peaking during the afternoon.

Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton explained that the "wicked wind chills" are expected to build during Tuesday and Wednesday, leaving much of southern Ontario feeling like -10 C to -20 C.

So, not exactly a great time to be outside or be driving. In fact, you should probably try to avoid both of those things if you can.

Yes, the windchills might be miserable in southern Ontario, but it doesn’t compare to -35 C temperatures that eastern Ontario is forecasted to experience overnight on Wednesday.

It looks like the freezing winter temperatures are finally here. 

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