Stormy weather hit southern Ontario Tuesday night. Lightning, hail and torrential rain were observed in southwestern parts of the province as people filmed the spectacular scene. The Ontario thunderstorm brought strong winds along with it while flashes of lightning persistently lit up the sky.  

The Weather Network forecasted that severe rainstorms were moving into southwestern Ontario on Tuesday night, and they were definitely noticed.

Frequent lightning, heavy rain and damaging winds were all in store for much of the region. 

The storms went from Windsor up to London and reached the GTA. Twitter users posted videos of the ominous-looking sky, and the lightning was impressive. Some even captured hail.

People have been posting some of the wreckage as well. One user tweeted a shot of a Toronto house that had been struck by lightning, and the roof was absolutely scorched. 

The aftermath also included some unbelievable tree damage due to the high winds.

680 News reporter Carl Hanstke filmed 60 foot trees laying on their side after they had been uprooted in Mississauga. 

This might not be the end of it. Clusters of storms are forecasted to be moving through the same area for another round this Wednesday night, TWN predicts. 


As Toronto's skyline was illuminated by the strong lightning, people noted that they haven't seen something like it in a while. 

"I dont recall...seeing this much lightning for such a long period of time," one user tweeted.

Another user even took this stunning video from inside an airplane flying into the city on Tuesday night. The sky is consistently lit up by lightning throughout the 27 second clip as the airplane descends toward the airport. 

It is captioned: "flying into #toronto tonight."


Others took to Twitter to post the storm from their locations across Ontario.

While the light show was eye catching, significant damage was also noted.

It didn't stop at wind and lightning. Pellets of coin-sized hail were also reportedly hitting parts of the province. Some of the hail was as big as a loonie!

This storm was a taste of what's to come this summer, experts predict. Ontario's 2020 summer forecast predicts hot weather with the possibility of isolated storms in between periods of dry heat. 

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