After a prolonged winter and some rainy days this week, it looks like the weather will finally start to heat up in southern Ontario.

According to meteorologists at The Weather Network, major cities across the province will enjoy summer-like heat next week. The temporary warm-up will see places like Toronto Pearson Airport reach temperatures of 20 C for the first time this year, as we move into the month of May.

"Wednesday and Thursday will be the warmest days of the week, with the potential for temperatures to reach well into the mid 20s," says Dr. Doug Gillham of The Weather Network. "In fact, the expected pattern would readily support temperatures reaching the upper 20s for parts of the region, with the humidex reaching well into the 30s, but our forecast will remain somewhat more conservative until confidence in the pattern increases."

Temperatures across southern Ontario will be in the realm of 20 C and up, with some cities like Toronto, London, Windsor, Barrie and Ottawa reaching highs close to 30 C. However, the heat won't stay forever — a cold front is anticipated to arrive in the region later in the week, bringing temperatures back down to cooler seasonals.

"Regardless, our warmest weather of the year thus far is on the way for a few days next week, but whether or not we will feel summer-like warmth is still highly uncertain," says Gillham.

Even better news, southern Ontario may finally be done with the snow, says Erin Wenckstern of The Weather Network. Snow squalls sometimes hit the northern areas like Georgian Bay up until late May, but current models so far don't seem to show that risk happening next month.

"Likely for the rest of the southern regions, we're done with snowfall," says Wenckstern.

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