Forecasters are predicting a slew of strong storms in Ontario today and tomorrow, with a slight tornado risk for southwestern Ontario.

The weather report, conducted by The Weather Network, mentions a band of significant downpour moving along the system's warm front. It will arrive at the GTA later in this evening, with the Hamilton-Niagara Region seeing the most active rainfall. High moisture conditions and strong weather dynamics will also be seen well into Friday.

A slight tornado threat applies to regions west of London, up to the eastern shores of Lake Huron and north of Lake Erie. Localized flooding may also occur in other areas. As the system migrates, cities in Eastern Ontario (including Toronto) will receive storms consisting of torrential downpour and strong winds.

The weekend is expected to be rain-free for the most part, however there may be a few short-lived showers and thunderstorms here and there. Overall, the highly anticipated black moon event is likely not to be affected by the storms.

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