For a long time, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has dominated the transit scene in the city. But the authors behind a new Toronto Region Board of Trade report claim that Ontario would benefit from a "Superlinx" that would oversee the entire province's transit for good. 

In an effort to connect the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor, which will be getting dramatic updates like a high-speed train that can take you to Windsor from Toronto in two hours, the writers behind the latest report think a Superlinx system would “finally provide the world-class transit system” that Southern Ontario needs. 

Under this new Superlinx system, each of the cities would be connected through unified transit system from each city, meaning that Ontario cities would hand over all management to the province. 

In their report released Monday morning, the Toronto Region Board of Trade stated that municipalities and cities along the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor will benefit greatly from a widely connected system. 

Although this proposed plan is sure to ruffle some feathers, the writers of the report believe that a unified provincial transit system will make travel easier for riders as well as reduce the risk of politics interfering in the delivery of transit-related projects. And, with the municipal governments free from managing the Superlinx system, they can focus their attention elsewhere on other pressing issues. 

Southern Ontario has 12 distinct transit operators between Durham and Waterloo, which includes the GO. The report writers believe that this consolidated transit system will "provide the vision, scale and resources to finally provide the world-class transit system that the corridor needs."

Now time will tell if this vision will become a reality. 

Source: The Star 

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