Fall has officially begun, but summer weather isn't going down without a fight. According to The Weather Network, parts of southern Ontario are in for an extension of summer-like humidity. Tropical Ontario weather will dominate the second week of fall, with some milder days thrown in.

Daytime highs in the mid-20s are expected to make Saturday, September 28 feel unseasonably warm, and that's only the beginning of what could be another heatwave.

"Hot weather just south of the border could reach into southwestern Ontario on Sunday, but more likely that the heat will hold off until Monday," Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham explained. Dr. Gillham reports that there will be a divisive temperature contrast across the region on Monday as the warm air slowly advances north.

"Parts of southwestern Ontario could reach into the lower 30s with a humidex approaching 40, while eastern Ontario and southern Quebec remain in the teens," he added.

This week is going to be warm, but it's not going to have you running to your air conditioner. However, early next week temperatures will soar to 28 degrees Celsius with a humidex of 35 degrees Celsius. So, if you were hoping to rock your new fall jacket, you'll have to wait.

A notable date to look out for is October 2, which is when the heat is expected to drift into that sticky and uncomfortable level. However, things are supposed to cool down after that with temperatures dropping by nearly 10 degrees by the following day.

Ontario's fall forecast recently predicted that although we got a taste of autumn a bit early this year, winter weather will be delayed. Most of Canada is expected to see an extension of warmer weather before real cold weather settles in.

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