The short-lived warm weather from the weekend is over and it's back to winter as usual in Ontario. In fact, parts of the province are expected to be hit with over 30 centimetres of snow by Thursday.  Brace yourselves, everyone, because Ontario weather is all over the place this week.

Environment Canada warns that the snow will begin to fall at around midnight on February 25, and will "become heavy Wednesday afternoon." 

The Weather Network predicts the same timeline for the snowfall, with a consensus that Wednesday is when we will get the bulk of it.

Some parts will be hit hard, such as Ottawa, where over 30 centimetres is expected, according to TWN

The Grey-Bruce County area, as well as parts of central and eastern Ontario, including Ottawa, will get hit the hardest. Snowfall will persist well into Thursday morning, the outlet reports.

For those of us in the GTA, we can expect a little but less, but not by much. Around 20 centimetres are expected, to get your shovels ready.

The areas that will get the least amount of snow are those areas near Niagara, as well as the northeastern shores of Lake Ontario, although they will both get at least 10 centimetres, The Weather Network predicts.

Expect low visibility, heavy snow, and brutal driving conditions. Remember to clean off your windshield and not be like this guy

Thursday won't be the end of it, though. Snow squalls are expected throughout the GTA after the bulk of the storm has already hit. 

That means we could actually get buried in even more snow to go on top of the 10 to 20 centimetres we are already anticipating.

Overnight winds into Thursday will be going anywhere from 50 to 70 km/hour, so expect quite a storm, everyone!

The winds will be causing white-out conditions, and extremely low visibility. The snow squalls are expected to be blowing through the GTA all the way until Saturday, according to TWN.

"In a season has brought rather limited lake-effect snow, this will likely be one of the most significant lake-effect snow events for the region," says meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

Get ready, people, because winter's back after giving us a little break.

Drive safe everyone. 

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