Halton Regional Police Service responded to a bizarre call on Wednesday night when two elderly women were sent to the hospital after being struck by a vehicle. However, this wasn't your typical collision call since one of the women who had been struck by the vehicle was actually the driver. Halton Police confirm that the driver actually fell out of the driver's door as she was attempting to reverse, causing the accident.

Police state that they got the call on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, at around 8:00 PM in the town of Oakville on Valleyridge Drive, south of Dundas Street. They say that the driver had apparently gotten the vehicle stuck on a curb in that area. As she was attempting to reverse the vehicle off the curb, the woman fell out of the open driver's door. 

That's where this story gets even weirder. National Post state that after the woman fell out of the driver's side, she was somehow "struck by her own vehicle" and suffered a head injury. As the car continued to move, a pedestrian was also struck by the vehicle. 

Halton Police have not confirmed if there was a connection between the driver and the pedestrian who was struck by the moving vehicle. 

When emergency services arrived on the scene, both women were found with head injuries and were immediately rushed to the hospital. 

One of the injured women is an 84-year-old resident of Burlington. She was taken to a local hospital in serious condition. The other woman was a 92-year-old resident of Oakville who was taken to a trauma centre in life-threatening condition.

So far, there have been no updates on the conditions of either of those involved in the car accident. Halton Police have also not confirmed which of the two women was the driver of the vehicle.

At this moment, no charges have been laid, yet Police are asking witnesses to come forward. 

Police are still looking for anyone who has more information about the collision. You can contact the Collision Reconstruction Unit at 905-825-4747 ext. 5065. 

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 


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