If you are living in Southern Ontario, chances are you won’t get to experience a white Christmas this year. Yet, if you're a hardcore Christmas junky, not all hope is lost. According to The Weather Network, a pattern of warm weather leading up to Christmas day will dash most Ontarians hopes of having a traditional holiday. However, if you're in the right place, some Ontario cities may catch a glimpse of some white snow. 

Residents of Toronto, Windsor, Hamilton, and London, in particular, will be out of luck when it comes to the white stuff this year. However, they won’t have to travel very far to find snow.

Regions east and southeast of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay are likely to have more than enough snow to keep the ground white through Christmas.

Surprisingly, even northern parts of the GTA have a chance of holding onto enough snow to experience a picturesque holiday.

So if you’ve got your heart set on a snowy vacation, you might want to think about heading a little bit North. 

However, just because a lot of Ontario locations will see a green Christmas, doesn't mean that winter will be warmer than usual this year. 

The province is due for a long and cold winter this year, although the pattern of freezing weather is thankfully expected to break at times, allowing for significant periods of milder temperatures.


The cold weather will be at its most brutal during mid to late winter with extended periods of severe cold predicted to make everyone’s life miserable during the last couple of months of the season.

Freezing rain and snow will also leave their mark on southern Ontario and southern Quebec this season.

Snowfall is likely to peak in January before tapering off thanks to ice coverage on the Great Lakes in February.

Muskoka, Ontario, is one location that could become a beautiful escape for Torontonians who are trying to avoid experiencing another green Christmas this year.

In total, driving from Toronto to Muskoka only takes around two hours, which is not a bad journey for die-hard Christmas fans.

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